A drain on our dignity : an insider's perspective

Ashes : prose play

Black queer hoe

Doctoring freedom : the politics of African American medical care in slavery and emancipation

Law of contractual obligations in Nigeria


Marikana unresolved : the massacre, culpability and consequences

Philosophy of African American studies : nothing left of blackness


The politics of social protection in eastern and southern Africa

The women went radical : petition writing and colonial state in southwestern Nigeria, 1900-1953

100 years of the Nineteenth Amendment : an appraisal of women's political activism

America's changing icons : constructing patriotic women from World War I to the present

Being Muslim : a cultural history of women of color in American Islam

Brown beauty : color, sex, and race from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II

Chasing Hillary : Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling

Class, race, gender, & crime : the social realities of justice in America

For colored girls who have considered politics

Go-to-market strategies for women entrepreneurs : creating and exploring success

Is masculinity toxic? : a primer for the 21st century

Navigating trans*+ and complex gender identities

Performing remembering : women's memories of war in Vietnam

Rape culture, gender violence, and religion : interdisciplinary perspectives

Representing kink : fringe sexuality and textuality in literature, digital narrative, and popular culture

Romancing the sperm : shifting biopolitics and the making of modern families

Stiffed : the roots of modern male rage

The historical enigma of the snake woman from antiquity to the 21st century

Vanity fair's women on women

When time warps : the lived experience of gender, race, and sexual violence

Women's journey to empowerment in the 21st century : a transnational feminist analysis of women's lives in modern times

Methods in behavioral research

Empire in Asia : a new global history

Babushka's journey : the dark road to Stalin's wartime camps

Decentering European intellectual space

Empire in Asia : a new global history

History and belonging : representations of the past in contemporary European politics

King Edward VIII : an American life

Princess : the early life of Queen Elizabeth II

Secrets we kept : three women of Trinidad

The Oxford history of life-writing

The Queen's embroiderer : a true story of Paris, lovers, swindlers, and the first stock market crisis

The impact of the Troubles on the Republic of Ireland, 1968-79 : boiling volcano?

The wife's tale : a personal history

Water is... : the indispensability of water in society and life

An introduction to systematic reviews

Decisions : the complexities of individual and organizational decision-making

Doing a systematic review : a student's guide

Methods in behavioral research

The Oxford history of life-writing

Fear and the shaping of early American societies

Doing a systematic review : a student's guide

Beyond the slave narrative : politics, sex, and manuscripts in the Haitian revolution

Slaves to sweetness : British and Caribbean literatures of sugar

You play the girl : on Playboy bunnies, Stepford wives, train wrecks, and other mixed messages

The Routledge history of the Renaissance

Because it is so beautiful : unraveling the mystique of the American west : a nonfiction collection

Most American : notes from a wounded place

No time to spare : thinking about what matters

The Kelloggs : the battling brothers of Battle Creek

An introduction to systematic reviews

Espionage and exile : fascism and anti-fascism in British spy fiction and film

Hollywood in crisis : or, the collapse of the real

Language and manipulation in House of Cards : a pragma-stylistic perspective

Out of the past : Lacan and film noir

Edmund de Waal : ten thousand things

Perspectives on Degas

Nam June Paik : the late style = Bai Nanzhun : wan qi feng ge

Roy Lichtenstein : Greene Street mural

Sterling Ruby : Paris

Post-9/11 heartland horror : rural horror films in an age of urban terrorism

Art in Spain and Portugal from the Romans to the early Middle Ages : routes and myths

Cinematic philosophy

Classical myth in four films of Alfred Hitchcock

Figural philology : Panofsky and the science of things

Film text analysis : new perspectives on the analysis of filmic meaning

Gendered tropes in war photography : mothers, mourners, soldiers

The aesthetics and ethics of copying

From a photograph : authenticity, science and the periodical press, 1870-1890

Visual culture and the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

The Oxford handbook of environmental political theory

To hell and back : Europe, 1914-1949

Colorblindness, post-raciality, and Whiteness in the United States

Vietnam War (1956-1975)

The struggle for sea power : a naval history of American independence

World of a slave : encyclopedia of the material life of slaves in the United States

Jews and Muslims in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union

Building a nation : Caribbean federation in the black diaspora

Lincoln and the immigrant

Critical Gaming : Interactive History and Virtual Heritage

Grand Canyon : a history of a natural wonder and national park

Thatcher's secret war : subversion, coercion, secrecy and government, 1974-90

Histories of medicine and healing in the Indian Ocean world

Iraq : a history

London's criminal underworlds, c. 1720-c. 1930 : a social and cultural history

Mass media and the genocide of the Armenians : one hundred years of uncertain representation

Measuring manhood : race and the science of masculinity, 1830-1934

Prof Alan Turing decoded : a biography

The crusader world

Child soldiers in the Western imagination : from patriots to victims

In the Shadow of Boone and Crockett : Race, Culture, and the Politics of Representation in the Upland South

Mao's road to power : revolutionary writings 1912-1949

Sites of memory in Spain and Latin America : trauma, politics, and resistance

War of two : Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the duel that stunned the nation

Well-connected domains : towards an entangled Ottoman history

Critical readings on China-Taiwan relations

Domestic disturbances : re-imagining narratives of gender, labor, and immigration

Imagining Muslims in South Asia and the diaspora : secularism, religion, representations

Multiculturalism and conflict reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific : migration, language and politics

Bodies in the making : transgressions and transformations

Geographical psychology : exploring the interaction of environment and behavior

Gender and emotion : an interdisciplinary perspective

Navigating the contours of African childhood experiences : multidisciplinary perspectives

Psychology of creativity : advances in theory, research and application

Prison state : the challenge of mass incarceration

The relationship paradigm : human being beyond individualism

The science of crime measurement : issues for spatially referenced crime data

Early childhoods in the global south : local and international contexts

The children of undocumented immigrants

Medical family therapy and integrated care

Stress and work : perspectives on understanding and managing stress

ADHD : cognitive symptoms, genetics, and treatment outcomes

Bullying : a public health concern

Bullying and cyberbullying : what every educator needs to know

Nine degrees of justice : new perspectives on violence against women in India

Veteran suicide : a public health imperative

Freedom of artistic expression : essays on culture and legal censure

Happiness : a very short introduction

Loving with the brain in mind : neurobiology and couple therapy

Mood contagion : mass psychology and collective behaviour sociology in the internet age

Understanding other minds : perspectives from developmental social neuroscience

Intimacies : a new world of relational life

Texting toward Utopia : kids, writing, and resistance

Comparative and international criminal justice systems : policing, judiciary, and corrections

Economics and regulation in China

Mechanisms of social connection : from brain to group

Cashing in on crime : the drive to privatize California state prisons

The nature of work : advances in psychological theory, methods, and practice

Blessed Louis, the most glorious of kings : texts relating to the cult of Saint Louis of France

(Dis)entangling Darwin : cross-disciplinary reflections on the man and his legacy

The assassination of John F. Kennedy : political trauma and American memory

Public memory of the Sand Creek massacre

The Haiti earthquake

Lincoln's battle with God : a president's struggle with faith and what it meant for America

Apartheid on a Black isle : removal and resistance in Alexandra, South Africa

The rise of modern Jewish politics: extraordinary movement

A history of the modern Middle East

Napoleon : life, legacy, and image : a biography

Stalin's great purge

Education and learning in the early Islamic world

Health and wellness in antiquity through the Middle Ages

Understanding the language development and early education of Hispanic children

History in the digital age

Desegregating teachers : contesting the meaning of equality of educational opportunity in the South post Brown

African American students in urban schools : critical issues and solutions for achievement

Contemporary perspectives on research in creativity in early childhood education

Empathy in education : engagement, values and achievement

Routledge encyclopedia of language teaching and learning

Technology-based assessments for 21st century skills : theoretical and practical implications from modern research

North Korea under Kim Chong-il : power, politics, and prospects for change

Reflections on media ethic

Memories of May '68 : France's convenient consensus

Patterns of protest : trajectories of participation in social movements

Changing female identities : decisions and dilemmas in the workplace

Patriots for profit : contractors and the military in U.S. national security

Beyond combat : women and gender in the Vietnam War era

Ethnographies of the videogame : gender, narrative and praxis

Women of color in higher education : turbulent past, promising future

Daily life of women during the civil rights era

Imprisoning medieval women : the non-judicial confinement and abduction of women in England, c.1170-1509

Contesting histories : German and Jewish Americans and the legacy of the Holocaust

Gender and social computing : interactions, differences and relationships

I fear I shall never leave this island : life in a Civil War prison

Becoming Belize : a history of an outpost of empire searching for identity, 1528-1823

Governing disorder : UN peace operations, international security, and democratization in the post-Cold War era

The Exxon Valdez oil spill

Catherine the Great : portrait of a woman

The lion and the journalist : the unlikely friendship of Theodore Roosevelt and Joseph Bucklin Bishop

The Arab State and women's rights : the trap of authoritarian governance

Highway under the Hudson : a history of the Holland Tunnel

They have left us here to die : the Civil War prison diary of Sgt. Lyle Adair, 111th U.S. Colored Infantry

Making tobacco bright : creating an American commodity, 1617-1937

Decentralization, democratization, and informal power in Mexico

Democratization and military transformation in Argentina and Chile : rethinking rivalry

Political parties, party systems and democratization in East Asia

Taliban : the unknown enemy

The Beijing Olympics : promoting China : soft and hard power in global politics

American emperor : Aaron Burr's challenge to Jefferson's America

An American betrayal : Cherokee patriots and the Trail of Tears

Archaeology of desperation : exploring the Donner Party's Alder Creek camp

Psychology of relationships

Blood and mistletoe : the history of the Druids in Britain

Cognitive sciences research progress

Psychology of time

The artist, the philosopher and the warrior : Leonardo, Machiavelli and Borgia : a fateful collusion

Doing without concepts

Psychiatry in the everyday practice of law : a lawyer's manual for case preparation and trial

Stephen Sprouse : the Stephen Sprouse book

Early childhood identity : construction, culture, & the self

Linguistic and cultural online communication issues in the global age

Organizational and technological implications of cognitive machines : designing future information management systems

The spy who loved us : the Vietnam War and Pham Xuan An's dangerous game

Young people making a life

Dilemmas of internationalism : the American Association for the United Nations and US foreign policy, 1941-1948

Guerrilla daughter

Law, marriage, and society in the later Middle Ages

Never give up! : the life of Pearl Carter Scott

The Atlantic world : Europeans, Africans, Indians and their shared history, 1400-1900

The House of Wittgenstein : a family at war

Victorian women travellers in Meiji Japan : discovering a 'new' land

The gamble : General David Petraeus and the American military adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008

The lost city of Z : a tale of deadly obsession in the Amazon

Modernity, the media and the military : the creation of national mythologies on the Western Front 1914-1918

Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams : natural affinities

Discretionary time : a new measure of freedom

The general and Mrs. Washington : the untold story of a marriage & a revolution

Food and identity in the ancient world

Indoor relief : a diary of the life and times of a London workhouse

The business of women : female enterprise and urban development in northern England 1760-1830

Victorian studies : a research guide

The good old days : crime, murder and mayhem in Victorian London

American women in Gilded Age London : expatriates rediscovered

An ethics of becoming : configurations of feminine subjectivity in Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and George Eliot

Baghdad burning II : more girl blog from Iraq

Bodies in the making : transgressions and transformations

Historical dictionary of feminism

Neither angels nor demons : women, crime, and victimization

Postcolonial imagination and feminist theology

Searching for Mary Poppins : women write about the intense relationship between mothers and nannies

Students : a gendered history

The Atlantic slave trade

The Berkeley literary women's revolution : essays from Marsha's salon

Welfare hot buttons : women, work, and social policy reform

What women really want : how American women are quietly erasing political, racial, class, and religious lines to change the way we live

Women in college : shaping new feminine identities

Women making time : contemporary feminist critique and cultural analysis

Writing the motherline : mothers, daughters, and education

Women and politics : paths to power and political influence

Mao's road to power : revolutionary writings 1912-1949

Mao's road to power : revolutionary writings 1912-1949

Mao's road to power : revolutionary writings 1912-1949

Mao's road to power : revolutionary writings 1912-1949

Mao's road to power : revolutionary writings 1912-1949

Mao's road to power : revolutionary writings 1912-1949